Sonicare Coupons – Save $20 off For March 2015

I got started early this month searching for Sonicare coupons. So far I’ve only been able to find three for March one of which is available from Costco and the other two from Ibotta. I’ve posted full details below.

  • Save $20 off Sonicare Coupon 2 pack March 2015Sonicare Plaque Control 2 pack

This coupon will save you $20 off when you purchase a Sonicare Plaque Control 2 pack and also includes 4 brush heads to get you started. This offer is valid from March 5th 2015 – March 29th 2015. This coupon can be found in the Costco coupon booklet that is handed out when you enter the store. To view the online booklet just head over to

Next up Ibotta has two new coupons for March including:

  • $6 off Sonicare Toothbrush Heads coupon
  • $3 off Sonicare Power Up Coupon

To print either of these you’ll need to sign up at for an account at

Ibotta Sonicare Coupon Power up coupon March 2015

If you’ve found any coupons for March share them with us. Just post a link to them in the comments section. I’ll be adding more coupons and promotions as I find them.