Over $150 in Sonicare Coupons & Rebates Just In Time For Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner you may be thinking about purchasing a Sonicare Toothbrush as a gift for someone. If this is the case you’ll be happy to know that I’ve found a ton of new coupons and some rebates for December that will save you a lots of money. I’ve posted details below and if your going to make a purchase be sure to have a look at the rebates available at the bottom of the page as these can sometimes be used as well as a coupon.

The first coupons I came across this month were from Amazon. They’ve got 10 coupons available right now including :

  1. $5 off Brush Heads
  2. $5 off Essence Toothbrush 
  3. $30 off Diamond Clean
  4. $5 off 2 Series
  5. $10 off 3 Series
  6. $10 off the Air Floss
  7. $30 off the Flexcare and Diamond Clean

Amazon also has several sales on right now for various toothbrushes including up to $30 off the  Diamond Clean and up to $40 off the Healthy White. I believe these deals will last till January 31st 2017



Costco also has a coupon available this month that will save you $30 off when you buy Sonicare EssentialClean 2 pack . You don’t need to print this one off simply grab a coupon booklet when you walk in the front door. Head over to http://www.costco.com/warehouse-coupon-offers.html?COSTID=Header_WarehouseCoupons for more details.


If you would rather print a coupon off and use it in your local store there are four printable coupons available this month for the Sonicare Toothbrush. These include:

  1. $30 Sonicare  Diamond Clean Coupon
  2. $5 Brush Head Coupon
  3. $ 10 Sonicare For Kids Coupon
  4. $10 Sonicare Healthy White, 2 series or 3 Series

To print any of the above just click on the “Get Coupon” button below on the one you wish to print. I will mark these as they expire!

$10.00 off one Philips Sonicare Toothbrush$10.00 off one Philips Sonicare$30.00 off one Philips Sonicare$5.00 off one Philips Sonicare

There are also some rebates available for December

The first one I’ll mention is the $20 Mail in Rebate I posted back in September of this year it’s valid till December 31st 2016 so you’ve got till the end of this month to use it. I won’t go into details as I’ve already done that check the link above to download the rebate form and find out more.

Next up Bed Bath & Beyond has just released a new Rebate form for December that includes up to $30 in rebates on the Sonicare. This rebate will get you either a gift card or a prepaid Visa Card. You can Download the Rebate Form here : Current-sonicare-us-rebate-form


If you know of something I’ve missed please share it on our FB page.