Over $150 in Rebates & Coupons For The Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Well it’s July and I’ve already managed to find several new coupons this week. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new electric toothbrush then check out the deals I’ve found below. They included coupons form Smart Source, Target and a manufacture printable coupon.

First up I used the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database to search for current deals. It turned up five new coupons. The first was a Target Cartwheel coupon that will save you 30% off the Sonicare Protective Clean 4100. Next up there are three coupons being offered in the Smart Source flyer that will save you anywhere from $5 – $15 off various models including the Airfloss, Sonicare for Kids, Protective clean 5100 and 6100. Finally there is a manufactures coupon for $5 off brush heads as well. For more details on these head over to bargainbinbetty.com/bargain-bin-bettys-coupon-database/ and do your own search by searching for “Sonicare”.

Next up Costco has two coupons located in their month flyer that you can pick up at the front of the store. These include a $40 off voucher that can be redeemed when you purchase two Sonicare Flexcare whitening edition toothbrushes and $10 off a Philips Sonicare replacement brush heads.  Both of these deals expire on the 29th of July 2018 so you’ve got the better part of the month to take advantage of them. For more details check out https://www.costco.com/warehouse-savings.html

Everyone’s been after a rebate for the past few months as they’ve been rather hard to find. I had a look this morning for any current rebate forms and managed to find two that I think you’ll be able to use. The first is being offered by Bed Bath and Beyond and you can get a rebate of up to $50 off. You can check to see if your purchase is eligible for the rebate by visiting https://www.bedbathrebates.com/# just enter in the information and it will display the rebate that is available to you.

Next up Kohl’s also had this rebate form for June 2018 available for June 2018 that will save you anywhere from $10 – $30 off various models of the electric toothbrush. So if you’ve already bought your electirc toothbrush then this is the form for you to fill out. You need to mail your form off by the 28th of July 2018.

The final rebate form I found for July is a Manufacture Rebate that’s available till December 31st 2018. It will save you $20 off your purchase and get you an extra six month warranty on the electric toothbrush you purchased.  You can print this Sonicare Rebate Form off fill it out and send it in to the address listed on the rebate.


That’s everything I’ve been able to find for July. If I’ve missed a promotions or coupon please share anything else that you’ve found in either the comments or on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you guys and getting your help finding deals.