Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Below I’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that I come across often this should help clear up any problems you are having with your Sonicare rebate or coupon.

Question For Sonicare Rebate Forms Answer
Where can I find a rebate form for the Sonicare Electric toothbrush? There are several sites that offer printable coupons for the sonicare. Your best bet is to visit our homepage and check out the recent rebates we’ve posted. You can also visit the company promotion page for recent rebates.
How do I check on the status of my Sonicare Rebate? You can check to see what the status of your rebate is by visiting
Why was my sonicare rebate form denied? If you’ve been denied from a rebate check to make sure you meet all critera of the rebate. Make sure you purchased the rebate during the time frame required on the form. If you still think you should have received a rebate send it back into Sonicare Rebate Offers PO Box 29367 Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-5367. Make sure you also include your denial card.
My Sonicare rebate check has expired Can I get a new one? From what I’ve read on the Sonicare company page they will not re issure rebate forms but it’s worth giving them a call to see. You can contact them at  1-800-682-7664
How long does it take to recieve my Sonicare Rebate cheque? It will take them 8-10 weeks to recieve and process your rebate. I’d suggest if you don’t have a cheque in your hands after 10 weeks give them a call or check online for the status of your rebate.
Do I need to send in my original recipt with the rebate form? This depends on the offer read the fine print on your rebate form to see what is required. In most cases you will be required to send in your original recipt. I’d recommend in this case you photo copy your original for warrenty purposes.
I have another question not covered above. How do I contact Philips Sonicare? You have two options you can either call them via costumer support 1-800-682-7664 or you can email them visit for more information.
Questions For Sonicare Coupons Answers
Where can I find a philips sonciare coupon? I’ve do extensive reserch each month to find any sonicare coupons available online or in flyers like smart sourceand the redplum insertes. I would recomment visiting our homepage for current offers.
I’ve got a printable sonicare coupon can I use it online? Unfortunately the answer is no! You need to locate an online coupon commonly found on and  coupon pages. You can however use the rebate forms for online purchases if no coupon is avialble.
How to tell if my coupon is expired? The expiry date will be located on the front or back side of the voucher have a look at the fine print if it doesn’t have an expiry date it could be a fake sonciare coupon.
How to spot fake sonicare coupons? These days it’s getting harder and harder to spot fake coupons, my rule of thum is avoid paying for coupons as you will put yourself at the most risk for recieving fake ones when you buy them.
How to Contact Philips Sonicare? To Contact Customer support simply phone 1-800-682-7664

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