Costco Coupon Saves You $40 off Sonicare Flexcare

I’ve had a really hard time finding any deals for July until today when I managed to find two coupons from Costco and a number of new one’s in the Smart Source flyer. So I was very happy to be able to post these new one’s.

I found two at Costco last night when we went by the store to do some stocking up. I noticed it in their coupon booklet at the front door so I saved it and scanned it for you guys.

You can save :

  1. $40 off Philips Sonicare Flexcare 2 pack  – Expires July 31st 2016
  2. $10 off  Philips Sonicare Replacement Brush Heads 6 pack – Expires July 31st 2016

To get this one just head into your local Costco and pick up a booklet

Philips Sonicare Coupon $40 off Costco

There were rumours online of a coupon on but I was unable to find it so I think it has expired but I did find several coupons in the Smart Source flyer one of which includes a mail in rebate ! I posted the details of all the coupons below, to get any of these coupons you need to get your hands on a Smart Source flyer dated 07 /10/16 and or 06/12/16 and don’t forget about that mail in rebate too. Philips Sonicare Coupons Smart Source

Have you guys found any other deals for the Philips sonicare this month ? Share them if you have!