3 New Printable Sonicare Coupons Just Released – October 2016 

Every month I search the internet for Philips Sonicare coupons, rebates and other promotions that will save you money when you purchase a Sonicare electric toothbrush. You’ll be happy to know that over the past several month we’ve posted rebates and coupons for the Sonicare Flexcare, Diamonclean, Essence and Healthy white. For October you can save $30 off an electric toothbrush with the printable coupons I found. For full details visit: Sonicarecoupons.org/2016/10/3-new-printable-sonicare-coupons-for-october/

You can find all the recent coupons I’ve posted for both the Philips Sonicare and Oral b electric toothbrushes in the side bar under “Most Popular Coupons”.

We make it our business to save you money and if we can’t find a recent promotion for the Sonicare we’ll find the best deals online and direct you to them. The end goal is to never pay retail price for anything again. There are plenty of other sites offering fake Sonicare coupons only to direct you to some spammy page. We will never do this while I can’t test every coupon I make sure the rebates and coupons I post for the Sonicare come from reputable companies. To make things easier you can subscribe to my blog and I’ll notified you by email when I post a new rebate or coupon for the Sonicare. See top right of page for sign up form.

Recent Coupons And Rebates

In general you can save between $10-15 off  when you use one of the coupons I’ve posted and $15 – $25 off with the rebate forms available. Below is a list of recent coupons and rebate forms I’ve found for the Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Recent Coupons

Recent Rebates

$30 off Printable Sonicare  Coupon – October 2016 $20 off Philips Manufacture Rebate – September 2016
$40 off Costco Coupon – July 2016 Bed Bath Rebate – June 2016

The Rebate forms on the other hand needs to be printed off, filled out and sent into Philips head office. You will find the appropriate mailing address on the forms I’ve posted. Another thing to remember with the rebate forms for the Sonicare is that you will need to wait to receive money back, that’s why I would always recommend you check to see if there is any coupons available first before you use a rebate form.

Sonicare Toothbrush Reviews

If your having problems deciding which electric toothbrush is right for you, I’ve put together several reviews on each product these reviews should help you decide which toothbrush will accommodate your needs. If you don’t like reading long product reviews I’ve posted several video reviews that you may enjoy. In each video we talk about features of the electric toothbrush, functionality and overall appeal.printable Sonicare coupons

Most Popular Reviews Most Popular Videos
Sonicare for Kids Review Philips DiamondClean Review
Philips Flexcare Review Sonicare For Kids Video Review

I’m not always able to post every coupon and rebate for the Philips Sonicare so I’d recommend you also check out the below websites as they often have coupons available and offer more reviews that I think are valuable.  If you do find a Sonicare rebate or coupon that I haven’t posted please send it to me see are contact us page for contact details and I’ll make sure I post it on our blog.

Other Valuable Sources

  • facebook.com/sonicarecoupon  – This Facebook page is very useful as the fans share coupons and rebates they find. People  also discuss where they’ve found great deals on the Sonicare whether online or in a local retail store.
  • couponnetwork.com – Coupon Network has printable Sonicare coupons every few months. I’ve linked directly to the category where you would find them.
  • promotion.philips.com – This is a really helpful page just select the country you live in and it will pull up any promotions Philips currently offers.
  • usa.philips.com/electric-toothbrushes – This is the Sonicare company review page where you will find information about each toothbrush.

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