10 New Coupons With A Maximum Savings Of $50 off Sonicare Flexcare!

Christmas is fast approaching so I wanted to make sure I got some new coupons posted as soon as this month! If you’re thinking about buying a Sonicare electric toothbrush for someone in your family here’s some great ways to save!

First up I noticed Amazon has released several new coupons. These include:

  1. $10 off Sonicare 2 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series
  2. $30 off Sonicare DiamondClean 
  3. $5 off Sonicare Essence 
  4. $10 off Sonicare Airfloss 

These should be valid till the end of the month.

Next up Costco is offering $50 off a Sonicare flexcare and $10 off replacement heads. You can either purchase them online or head into your local Costco store to take advantage of this sale.  This is the best deal I’ve seen in a while for the Flexcare so if you’ve got a membership take advantage of this offer. Valid till November 22nd 2017

Using the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database I was able to find several other offers from various retailers including Smartsource, Coupons.com and Giant Eagle. I took a screen shot and posted the results below let me know if you have any questions. 

For anyone who’s never used an electric toothbrush before here’s a video on how to properly use one .