Here’s 3 Ways To Save $$$ On A Sonicare Electric Toothbrush For October!

Who want’s to pay full price these day’s ? Not me and I’m assuming not you either! To help you save some money I’ve compiled a list of Sonicare coupons and rebates for October please share any other’s you find.

I started my search out this month by using the Database @ I searched for Sonicare in the coupon database and it came up with four results. Including three smart source coupons which can be found in your local newspaper and a printable coupon from the manufacture. See table below for more details.

This month Amazon has six coupons available for the Philips Sonicare  I’ve posted a screen shot of the available savings below.  These will be valid until the end of the month so you’ve got plenty of time to use them.


Next up I checked Costco for any coupons but came up empty handed seem’s they are only offering Oral b coupons this month in their flyer.

That said I did find this sonicare rebate that is valid till December 31st 2018 that will save you $5 off and get you an extra 6 month warranty!!

That’s it for right now but I’ll add more as I find other deals!