Over 30 New Sonicare Coupons For July!

First things first I was told there were a number of new coupons on Amazon this month so I headed over there to check things out. Turns out the Amazon’s coupon page  has a wack of new coupons. I found 24 new coupons that’s almost a coupon for every toothbrush Philips makes. I’ve posted a screen shot of some of the coupons being offered below.

For July Costco has two coupons available, the first will save you $30 off when you purchase a Philips sonicare expert results 7000 two pack. The second is for $10 off brush heads. To get these coupons visit https://www.costco.com/online-offers.html?COSTID=MVM_header

Next up I checked out the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database. I searched for “Sonicare” in the search bar and it turned up several new offers from Kroger, Target, Giant Eagle and coupons.com. Check out the screen shot of the database I took below for details.

That’s a lot of new coupons for July! Hopefully you’ll be able to use some of these this week to save some money!