12 New Sonicare Coupons For August!

First up this month I headed over to the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database. and searched for “Sonicare” in the search bar, it turned up several new offers from Kroger, Target, Giant Eagle and coupons.com. Check out the screen shot of the database I took below for details.

Next up I checked out the Amazon coupons page for any new coupons and found two for August including: 10% off 601 black and white replacement heads. I didn’t see a coupon this week for any electric toothbrushes but this may change over the course of the month.

I’m just in the process of looking for rebates now. Haven’t been able to find any yet but I’m not giving up that easy. If you find a rebate or coupon before I do please share it on our Facebook page so everyone can use it before it expires. Thanks